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                                                                Dot Net Framework

                        .Net is pronounced dot net it’s a platform that where we can develop a wide range application. Dot net domain name extension for NETWORK. It mainly used for internet, networking and email service provider. Dot net framework is programming guideline where we can develop wide range application. These are the design features of the dot net framework


  • Common Language Runtime engine(CLR)

  • Language independence.

  • Base Class

  • Simplified deployment.

  • Security.

  • Portability.

                    By using dot net framework we can develop windows, web application, mobile application, enterprise application, desktop application. It support to work with various programming language such as C#, java. Components of the dot net framework are  

  1. Common Language Runtime (CLR)

  2. .Net Framework Class Library.

      Common language runtime will allow to run the all dot net program. The codes run by common language runtime is called managed code.   CLR provide the memory management, thread management so that programmer no need to worry about memory .it automatically allocate memory when the program need memory and also reallocate that memory when the task done.

          Base class library or dot net framework class library is common for all type of applications. The diagrammatic representation for the   components of dot net framework are shown in the figure                                                                                          

                                    Fig 1 Components of dot net framework

                        Dot net framework is object oriented programming where we can reduce the length of the program by avoiding unnecessary code. The advantage of the dot net framework are less coding, reliability, security. It allows a programmer to create an application more easily. Dot net support both frontend and backend language.

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